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Avergon: Tools that have
worked since 1992!

Avergon is a new brand,
backed by 30+ years of experience. How is this so? With a team like ours, anything is possible – everything that is good for you.

The first spade

If you have ever been in the market for good gardening tools, you might have heard about Pawłowski. That’s us.
We have produced farming equipment under the Pawłowski brand since 1981, then added tools in 1992, upon which we have built our reputation and customer base across Poland. Initially, gardening tools were intended for export destinations only (which itself was a testament to their quality), yet they quickly became popular on the domestic market.
It was in 1992 that we drove our first spade into the ground. Years of hard work ensured from this, filled with many challenges and success.

Years of growth


The Pawłowski family launch the production of hay rakes and grain mills. The first customers discover how just reliable the Pawłowski brand is.


The portfolio is expanded to include heaters and radiators. The demand is overwhelming, but we always want to give the customers exactly what they need.


The milestone year: gardening tools first appear in our portfolio (for export sales only). The product portfolio is expanded with oil heaters.


We shift the business fully onto garden tools, as specialisation is the only way to achieve perfection. We enter the domestic market.


Wiesław Pawłowski takes over as the CEO. More customers come, and the sales go higher. This is the peak growth of the Pawłowski company under its traditional name.


Pawłowski is renamed Avergon. Plans are made for foreign expansion and stable production for many years ahead. The prospects are great!

That is who we are today. What’s next? He has plenty of plans and energy for more work. One thing is certain – our customers should and will be happy!

People come first

We sometimes say there’s no such thing as a ‘company’. There are people who band together under one brand to offer everyone something that is perfect. Avergon is about people:

Wiesław Pawłowski

The founder of the Avergon brand, the Pawłowski company CEO for years, and formerly the Chief Executive for Production Operations. The man who reinvented a small business into a huge commercial success, picking up on the work of his parents and building a stable brand that is recognised and respected throughout the country.

Rebranding Pawłowski as Avergon was the next step on the road that leads to decades of success.

Agnieszka Cerapińska

Marketing & customer communication officer, who has been with the Pawłowski brand for more than ten years and is now the co-author of the new brand positioning.
The one who could build a strong brand for something seemingly as mundane as spades and shovels.


Yes! You, our customer. You are the most important person at Avergon. It is for you that we expand our range and perfect it every day. It is you who we owe every success that we have enjoyed. We know very well we would not be here without you. Thank you!

Something that lasts

Names, products and your needs change. What never changes is quality.
We believe that you always expect quality and you can always find it in our products. This was our business plan back in 1981, and for every year since – because quality never gets old.

You are welcome!

This is how Pawłowski operated and it is how the new brand, Avergon, operates now. We are proud every time you choose our products or to work with us.

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