Hobby Line

Perfect tools for your bigger than life passions.

The Hobby line consists of tools created by professionals for enthusiasts. Here everything is designed so that the work is enjoyable and brings the right results. They will prove themselves on the plot, in the garden, for minor renovations or cleaning around the house. Where you need tools you can rely on and which will help you quickly and safely implement a new idea, but you work primarily for yourself, when you want and as much as you want. After all, a hobby is, above all, a passion. These tools will help you make it happen.

Avergon™ Hobby tools are ideal for those who enjoy work.

Why Hobby Line

wide range of products

tools you can rely on


designed with your garden in mind

Your brand on the products

We can customise the design of every product and the whole portfolio to what you need, whether private or business. If you are a business, you can order tools with your brand on it!

We work with the best

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